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Welcome to Euro-Luce!

Light Engineering

We offer a large selection of high quality European lighting products. They have been developed to be used in professional lighting applications where efficiency, comfort, energy saving, reliability and flexibility are very important.

The wellbeing of the people who are working, shopping, creating, producing and even relaxing, is the main goal and challenge in our lighting concepts.
Our team helps you to create those lighting concepts and inspiring lighting atmospheres, to calculate the most efficient lighting solutions and to serve you with a dedicated project and after sale support.

We are focused on shop, office, industry, residential, outdoor and emergency lighting applications since many years and we love to share our experiences and services with endusers, installers, architects, engineers and wholesalers.

This is the way we offer you a complete lighting solution.

Light can create the right atmosphere.


The right lighting can increase the well-being and performance of your employees.


Light up your company with the right solution for you.


Create a cosy home by using the right light.


Light up your environment.


Having a blackout? We will guide you to the nearest exit.



  • "Bij de plaatsing van de nieuwe verlichting bleek er een spot stuk te zijn. Dezelfde dag hebben we nog een nieuwe ontvangen, wat een service!"

  • "De kledij komt nu veel beter tot zijn recht, dit komt enkel maar ten goede van onze klanten."

    Lingerie Camille
  • "Mijn winkel is veel aangenamer om in te winkelen dankzij de nieuwe verlichting."

    Carrefour Market