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054 55 71 10 Ballingsweg 25, 9620 Zottegem

About us

Euro-Luce was founded in 2000 by Alain Sterckx. The company was based in Galmaarden, Belgium. After 15 years, Kurt T’Joens took over the company and became the new CEO of Euro-Luce.

In 2017, Euro-Luce moved from Galmaarden to Zottegem.

In the early years, the company was focused on installers and endusers. After 13 years, they saw opportunities to expand it’s view. The company embraced two new segments, retail and wholesale.

Els De Clercq

Sales Support

Saskia De Clippeleer

Sales Manager Flanders

Nicolas Ghislain

Sales Manager Wallonia

Hans Rooselaers

Warehouse Manager

Kenneth Verleysen

Lighting Designer

Michiel Raes

Marketing Assistant